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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

[Non-Review] 13 REASONS WHY: Killing You Softly

Hey, it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. Nah, I’m totally kidding. Hannah’s dead. There’s no way she could wrote this whole fucking crap. I decided that this posting isn’t gonna be a review. Since this is not a review, I have more liberty to write this shit as weird as I want. Not that kind of formulaic review with difficult words that the readers don’t even understand what they read and shit, and I hope everyone who reads this can enjoy this post. And hopefully, this post is not boring af. But, if my writing still gets so boring, I’m sorry. There’s no perfect human being in this world. For example, I’m just gonna take some stereotypes here; there’s some guy who’s handsome but poor, and there’s who’s rich but ugly. Nobody’s perfect, right? You can judge me all the way you like. You can leave some hate comments or whatever. You, netizens, aliens, mermaids, drug addicts, or whatever you are, who are reading this right now, are the real critics. You can criticize my writings. I actually look forward for the comments.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Fair warning, lots of F word ahead. 

So recently, I’ve watched the most fucked up TV (or Web) Series ever made by a human being: 13 Reasons Why. Actually, there’s even more fucked up TV series rather than this, but so far, this is the craziest one. It doesn’t torture you physically, but mentally and emotionally. I don’t know why this show is so viral. Some people said that this is the most tweeted TV series. Fuck it. Anyway, I told my friend to download this show since I don’t have a good Internet connection. Don’t have enough data package, to be exact. The size is 5 fucking gigabytes. Where the hell can I get 5GB internet data with a cheap price? Hell yeah, I’m broke. Fuck. So my friend downloaded this shit. He watched it first. And he said this is the best TV series he ever watched. He gave 4 out of 5 rating. Haha bitch, Stranger Things is the best TV series I’ve ever watched, for fuck sake. I don’t know. I rarely watch American TV series. I usually watch those Korean Dramas that usually just selling, pfft, romantic comedies and shit. And to be honest, I cried watching those rom-coms shit. Haha, you may say that my taste on TV series are cheesy as fuck, but I can sure you, those Korean Dramas are better than Indonesian TV series. You know why. Except for Makjangs. They deserve to be hated. You don’t know what that means? Google the fucking shit! God damn it. 

Back to “13”, I watched this show in May despite it being released in March. I was 2 months late, but that’s okay. It’s better late than never. I could say that this show is so important for our society. Especially for high-schoolers. I’m so lucky that I’m a fucking sophomore in high school, and this show tells about it. Like, I could relate to it, so much. But there’s some part in it that doesn’t feel neither relatable nor realistic. Maybe because in Indonesia something like that rarely happens. Like, come on, what kind of a high school student who rapes their own friend? That’s so illogical. Maybe that’s because I’m too fucking naïve or anything. In the first few episodes, the kids whose names are on the tape, acted like a bunch of fucking cowards who wanted to silent their friend, Clay, for being too babbly about the tapes. Like, seriously Clay? What took you so fucking long to hear those tapes? Well, at first I hated Clay for being too whiny, snout, and taking too much time just to hear all the 13 tapes. But gradually, I understand why. It was not easy to hear all those tapes. I’m becoming Clay. I’m becoming Amy Adams when she reads the Nocturnal Animals manuscript. Have you guys watched that movie? Nocturnal Animals? Amy Adams’s reaction while reading the manuscript gradually becomes my reaction while watching the show. And also Clay Jensen’s reaction while hearing those tapes. It was depressing. It was dark. It was not supposed to happen to Hannah Baker. What those kids did to Hannah was not okay. But there’s also some point where I thought Hannah just over-reacting with all those things done to her. I don’t know. 

Why first impressions always wrong? Like, you hated it at first, than ended up liking it. Fuck you, 13 Reasons Why. I fucking cried during the end of episode 11 & 13. You got my feelings crushed there. But what’s with the ending? Spoiler alert: Alex got a headshot. From who? There’s no way he shot himself. Alex is a good kid. Unless Tyler shot him. That’ll explain everything. But why? Spoiler ends. One thing I hate about this show is that in the first few episodes, they teased so much about what will happens in the future episodes. Instead of making me curious, it made me furious. What’s the point anyway? Boosting up the ratings? God please. 

But still, like the title of this post: Killing You Softly, it did. You need to watch what you say and what you do. I’m surprised, knowing that one simple mistake caused by your mouth, could make a person lost their lives. Every person has a sensitive part. We don’t know what factor that can trigger that sensitive part. Once you trigger that sensitive part out of a person, you don’t know what they’re going to do. Either they becomes angry, throw a tantrum, gone amok, or worst, kill themselves. Okay, that’s just too much. Too pleonastic, wasn’t it? Before I watched this show, I always thought: why would people prevent other people from committing suicide? It’s their sin, why bother? But after I watched the fucking show, finally I understand why people did that. People needed support. We are social creatures. We rely on communication to stay alive. I don’t know. It’s all just bullshits coming out from my fucking head. I don’t know if they were true, or just fake news #TrumpStyle. Wow, maybe this is the first time I write this long. Well, maybe hasn’t long enough, but it’s quite long. Whatever. I don’t have any final thoughts. So, have you guys watched this show? If you have, what do you guys think about it? Is it good? Or not? Is it important? Or not? Let me know in the comments. If you haven’t watched the show, would you like to watch it? Or not? Let me know in the comments. And even though this is not a fucking review, I still have to rate this show. My rating is….

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  1. I also thought for few first tapes, Hannah is overreacting & exaggerating tiny things. Like, having traitorous friends & asshole crush shouldn't make her kill herself. But, as the tapes go by, esp the last one, being raped & being told JUST TO MOVE ON aren't reasonable to live longer. Hannah's life is completely ruined.

    I agree when you became furious instead of curious for ending of each episode, I felt the same way too, except for eps 11 when Clay listens to his own tape. It's too depressing, makes me say OH MY GOD words repeatedly. I wasn't capable of continuing eps 12 at the same night inspite of my curiousity.

    Speaking of society, family is also society, this series is not only criticizing the way high-schoolers treat their friends, but also non-opennes' kids to their parents and the parents' reaction as if everything's okay but it isn't. Also for the teacher who just helps by words, not the real emotional support.

    Maybe you can share whom you like most and least in this show, and why. It's exciting to talk about the characters.